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Dear Summer

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

Where have you gone? Your time with us was so blissful, yet so short… there is so much left to do! We need more beach hair and salty air. We haven’t gone kayaking or canoeing nearly enough. We haven’t had enough nights in tents or under the stars. We thought there would be more campfires and definitely more S‘mores. And, even though we’ve eaten ice cream almost every day, there are still flavors we haven’t tried (hello Ben & Jerry’s Glampfire Mix and Baskin Robbins Horchata!)… We haven’t even made it to the drive-in movies yet! Oh Summer, please stay just a while longer!

The kids may be ready to get back to school, to their friends, sports and activities but I’m not really ready to see them go. I have loved these free-wheeling days of spontaneous let’s-just-go-to-the-beach runs, hikes with the puppy and the long lazy afternoons at baseball fields and mini golf parks. I have basked in the quiet mornings while they slept late—I have found it’s my perfect time to work and write. I have rediscovered my true self in the care and feeding of these bright and beautiful teens and in the renovating and redecorating of this old house. Being with the people I love so dearly has been a wonderment of renewal and reawakening.

I am not ready to watch the leaves change, though I always summon the mindset to embrace it when it finally happens. I get such a sense of melancholy at the end of summer, more so than any other season… I hate to say good-bye to the long, warm days.  I’m not ready to wear sweaters and jackets. I have such a wistful longing for the soft summer air and the ease of just walking out the door with whatever clothes we’re wearing, no fuss, no preparation, no plan.

Beloved Summer, please keep the memories of this wonderful season close to our hearts. It was the first one in a very long time that we have had the luxury of being all together and my only prayer is that there will be a few more just like this one before the children are grown and gone. Thanks for all that you have given us in the past few months and please, can you just stick around a few more weeks? XOXO, L

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