Hi, I'm Lucinda.


Born and raised into a big, noisy, and thoroughly outdoorsy family, life has taken me from the woods of New England to the steamy tropics of the Florida Keys to the Central Coast of California and back again.

I discovered early on that my most Zen moments came from being outdoors and writing about where I’d been and what I’d seen. Though my days of crisscrossing the country in an old VW Squareback are long-gone, I’m still chronicling that wanderlust. It finds its way into my daily explorations, whether it’s a simple day hike, an afternoon harvesting in a strawberry field or a trek up one of the White Mountain 4,000-footers.

I’ve spent my life seeking to escape rooms with ceilings, to get out under the skies however blue or stormy, to walk on the earth from the wildest peaks to the backyard woods to the local farm. I’m blessed to be living a life filled with blissful moments. I continue to channel that inner-fire for the great outdoors that guides my joy.