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Discover how to be in Belize.

There are places in this world that transport you out of your everyday existence and let see through new eyes. Belize is one of those places.


Come Explore with Us

Our motto has always been “don’t just travel, explore”, so we definitely took the road less traveled on a recent jaunt to Belize. Off the beaten path, we found a lush paradise with adventure everywhere.


In between the impossibly blue waters of the Caribbean just waiting for our lines and the verdant jungle shrouding its ancient Mayan ruins, we embarked on an unforgettable journey. We learned you can make an itinerary but sticking to it is another thing altogether. The onset of relentless rains can change plans from a day of fly fishing on a tropical flat to hours spent swapping life stories with new friends from across the globe. A jungle jeep tour can be veered off-track by the colorful crafts in a local market and a raucous Brukdown band. And, of course, even the most anticipated sightseeing excursion can be waylaid by a swaying hammock under the palms, especially when accompanied by a couple of ice-cold Belikins. And as the sun sinks slowly over the sparkling sea, we realize that it’s not the number of stamps in your passport, it’s the discoveries you make along the way.  

Sometimes you just need to hear the sound of waves to relax down to the depths of your very soul. Sometimes you need to face a vast, wide-open horizon to soothe your spirit. To breathe in the sweet tang of salt air, breathe out nagging troubles and everyday cares. To emerge recharged, revitalized, rejuvenated.


Relax & Recharge

Everybody needs to escape the everyday every now and again.


We all need to step back from our day-to-day routine to reflect and reset. What better way than to spend a few days in an unspoiled paradise? Once you arrive, here is your vacation mandate. Give yourself permission to pause. Rediscover your true self. See the world through new eyes. Remember how to breathe and really fill your lungs with fresh air. Reawaken the adventurer in your soul. Explore new places. Use verbs like drift, float, stroll, meander. Stay up late, sleep in late. Savor new flavors. See new sights. Make new friends. Return to the world you left behind with a new sense of self, a fresh sense of gratitude and a revived sense of grace.


Originally published in The Orvis News Spring 2016. Photos ®The Orvis Company.

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