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A-Foraging We Will Go

In Vermont, we live by the seasons. And as Vermonters, many of us live close to the land. We grow vegetables in our kitchen gardens. We pick berries and apples, we gather nuts. We hunt waterfowl, grouse, woodcock and deer to fill our freezers for the winter. We collect sap and boil it down to make the best maple syrup found anywhere.

Sweater Weather

It’s THE cold-weather staple, an enduring badge of the season. As sure as fall pumpkins and brightly colored leaves. It’s become a forecast unto itself: sweater weather. Perfectly conceived for crisp days and down-right cold nights. Every style you could possibly hope for is right here. There, your wish for cooler weather has now been granted.

Spring Awakens

In spring, nature is renewed. The snows of winter retreat and on the freshening breeze the scent of damp leaves and green growing things begins to tickle our senses. The quiet of the woods, for months broken only by the strident cries of jays and the cheery chirps of the tiny chickadees, now echoes with the songs of returning flocks.